Erzsébet Kovács


Finance Specialist

Professional Skills

  • Közgazdász
  • Mérlegképes könyvelő
  • IRFS Mérlegképes könyvelő

Szakmai készségek

  • iScala
  • CODA Financials
  • Globe exact
  • MS Office
  • Crystal report
  • dd

Személyes készségek

  • Vezetői készségek
  • Szervező és koordinációs készség
  • Rugalmasság
  • Terhelhetőség
  • Probléma megoldó képesség

Hi There!

I’m an IT Administrator and Support specialist, with more than 8 years of experience. I started from the bottom, but nowadays I’m involved in large scale and complex projects in supporting and sometimes in leading role, such as complete migration of a Windows domain to another domain, planning and creating IT environment upgrades, conduct migrating whole offices to other sites, migrating company mail and other systems to Google platforms.
I believe in teamwork. Nothing of this would be possible without my colleagues.
I also believe maintaining strong and good relations with users. Without them I wouldn’t had job, and without good relations, both of us had hard time in job.


  • Hungarian – Native
  • English – Effective Operational Proficiency

Other Skills

  • B cat. driving licence

Professional Experience

11. 2010-present

System Administrator / Support specialist

G4S Hungary, Budapest

  • Constant supervision of more than 600 workstations located at five sites, and several branch offices in the country, home offices
  • Constant supervision of the computers, telecommunication systems, printers at those sites
  • Supervision and managing the structured network of those sites
  • Supporting Microsoft and Google product
  • 24/7  on duty in rotation with colleagues
  • Administrating Access Control services in Sites
  • Developing and researching new ways to create a more productive work environment and IT worklflows for the fields.
06. 2007-11. 2010

System Administrator / Support specialist

Omikron SZISZ Ltd., Budapest

  • Primarily worked as an outsourced system administrator @ G4S Hungary
  • 24/7  on duty in rotation with colleagues
  • Involved in administration of other contracted customers’ IT systems
01. 2006-03. 2007

System administrator

Soros Foundation, Budapest

System administrator

Council of Halásztelek city, Halásztelek

01. 2005.- 01. 2006.

Hardware and Software maintenance, Instructor

Jedlik Ányos High School / Jedlik Oktatási Stúdió, Budapest

  • Maintenance of the entire windows network (High scool IT rooms on 3 floors / Windows servers)
  • Conduct and held ECDL start training for the school workers, teachers. (Everyone had a successful exam ;))
01. 2000-01. 2006

Service technician – Service leader, 3D Computer/3D Hardver Ltd., Budapest

Key projects

04. 2015-ongoing
    • Migrating systems to Google platform.

As part of a global process, G4S Hungary was going Google. The softwares used by the direct and indirect staff is being replaced by google provided solutions. The first element was the mail migration from an Exchange cluster to Google mail. This means at least 600 mailboxes moved to the Google cloud. Special servers were made to run the Google provided migration software.
As part of a (global) team, I was responsible to provide seamless transition to the new system. I translated a whole google website, where information was provided for the users, and administrator.
I held trainings several times for the users. This trainings were organised, scheduled and conducted by me.
We had to reorganize the whole mailing list structure, because of the change. I am responsible of this project as well.
Since the global support for the transition were last only two months, the local team (including me) is responsible for the 24/7 support.
Migrated systems:

    • MS Exchange and some legacy linux based mailings to Google Mail and Google Calendar
    • Part of the file system moved to Google Drive
    • Part of the System administration moved to Google Administration
  • Creating company wide mailing list systems in MS Exchange

 By combining static lists and dynamic distribution lists (based on AD user property queries) I created a system, where the need of administration is minimal, and the cascading structure of the lists are automatic.

  • Consultant in Informal Intranet creation

As one of the creator of the company Intranet system I was asked to help to assist in the creation of an informal, independent part of the system. I was the technical contact to the representatives from a marketing company which made this part of the system.